Each month we designate a specific charity which we call our

Mission of the Month.

To find our Mission for this Month go the The Spire section of our website.

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Jeff Parent is Missions Chairperson for the Consistory.

Carol Mah is the Women's Guild Chairperson for Food Missions.
Her report is shown each month following the Mission of the Month.

Mission Ministry

The congregation of Old Paramus can be proud of its long tradition of reaching out a loving hand to those in need through mission activity. In fact, 10% of all church income is tithed to our mission ministry


We are a Church at the cutting edge of our communities, facing all the issues that affect our world. Each member is committed to addressing those issues in the manner inspired by our Lord, Jesus Christ. None of us stands alone in this. Each of us, together and united, endorses and supports the programs, policies, and faith of our Church. Therefore, we are dedicated to sharing our time, our money, and our prayers to the building of the Church and to the development of her membership and programs according to the full image of Christ. Each of us will support the others and participate, to our ability, in worship, education, and stewardship, in grateful appreciation of what God has already done for us, and in eager expectation of what we will do for others in God's name.

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