A Memorial Day Recognition

Following our Worship Service on May 28, 2017, which featured a stirring rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" by our Choir, we participated in a tribute to Memorial Day. The congregation gathered in front of the church where Rev. Miller paid recognition to those who have served in our armed forces as well as those who gave their lives to preserve our freedoms. He had those in attendance raise their hands if they served, recognized the family members of those who served, and thanked all for their service to our country. The Flag Salute was lead by Peter who was dressed in his Boy Scout uniform. Stewart Holmes, Music director, led the group in singing "My Country Tis of Thee", and Taps was played.

Webmaster Honored for Service

The Consistory of Old Paramus Reformed Church presented a Resolution to Don Warnaar, Webmaster and Group Email Coordinator, during the worship service on Sunday, March 12, 2017, Vice President of the Consistory. Rick Vander Wende, called Mr. Warnaar to come forward to be recognized for his 17 years of service to the Church. Rick read a Resolution honoring Don's creation and maintenance of the website and overseeing the Group Email List for communication to the congregation. A copy of the Resolution is to be affixed to the Consistory minutes of Old Paramus. The picture shows Don being presented with the recognition by Rick along with Pastor Rob Miller in the background.

Photo credit: Danielle Miller

The Year of the Rooster

On Sunday, January 29, we had a special treat prepared by Gek and Rob Gulnick in recognition of the Chinese New Year. Gek, in her usual fashion, went to great effort to prepare a wonderful selection of goodies for all to enjoy. She also made very attractive charts telling about the facts and customs of the celebration. The pictures below capture the time in Fellowship Hall. Thank you, Gek, for all your efforts. It was a real treat.

Rob and Gek

Overall View

Photo Credit: Nancy Surridge

Jessica is enjoying it.

The Ramapo College Chorale

We were honored to have the Ramapo College Chorale as our guests at our worship service on January 22, 2017. Under the direction of Dr. Lisa Lutter, the Chorale sang three selections during the service. It was our pleasure to have such a talented group of young people enhance our worship experience.

The Lutz Family Memorial Garden

Ed Lutz loved Old Paramus. And Ed loved his garden, complete with hot houses for certain plants. He was an avid gardener and wanted his flowering plants to live on after he passed on. He planned for this and made sure it was a part of his will. Little by little, many plants have been lovingly transplanted to a location in front of our sanctuary. The result is The Lutz Family Memorial Garden where people will enjoy his meticulous gardening expertise for many years to come. Just look at the pictures below to catch a glimpse of the most fitting tribute to the Lutz Family. Better yet, come visit our church and see the garden in person. Join us for worship each Sunday at 10 AM.

Thank you, Ed, for your friendship and generous legacy to Old Paramus Reformed Church.

Pictures Courtesy: Tom Marsden

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