Future Forward for Haiti held a Packathon in Teaneck NJ on November 10, 2018. Eleven members of OPRC were represented. We helped to pack enough food to feed the children of Haiti for a year. The food provides the children with vitamins and nutrition that they don't receive daily. The event became very competitive. OPRC's team packed the most food boxes during our session.

(Not that we're bragging or anything - of course not!)

Our OPRC Team
Roberta Dawson, Deb Hopper, Henry Mah, Carolee & Bert Minerley, Patti & Jeff Parent, Diane & Rick VanderWende, Carla Van Duzer and Pat Yatsko

How did we look in our stylish hair nets which were required for handling the food?

Jeff Parent in center

Pat Yatsko (center) Henry Mah (white net) and
Rick VanderWende (orange net)

Jeff and Patti Parent with "stylish" hair nets

Carla Van Duzer at right

Nutrition Info of food stuffs

Packed and ready to go

Retirement Recognition

On Sunday, September 16, Kim Willson was honored for her years of service as Secretary of OPRC. A special cake was prepared to honor Kim for her dedicated work. Kim and Paul are relocating to their new home in Delaware. We wish them many happy years in their new location.

Kim and Paul Willson

The Cake

Picture Credit; Anne Banta

July 4th Recognition

On Sunday, July 1, our guest preacher was the Rev. John Norton. His sermon title was, "Live in Hope". The first hymn was "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" which was appropriate for the beginning of Independence Week. At the close of the worship service, in recognition of July 4th, the congregation gathered outside our historic sanctuary and sang "The Star-Spangled Banner", our National Anthem.

The Lutz Family Memorial Garden

Ed Lutz loved Old Paramus. And Ed loved his garden, complete with hot houses for certain plants. He was an avid gardener and wanted his flowering plants to live on after he passed on. He planned for this and made sure it was a part of his will. Little by little, many plants have been lovingly transplanted to a location in front of our sanctuary. The result is The Lutz Family Memorial Garden where people will enjoy his meticulous gardening expertise for many years to come. Just look at the pictures below to catch a glimpse of the most fitting tribute to the Lutz Family. Better yet, come visit our church and see the garden in person. Join us for worship each Sunday at 10 AM.

Thank you, Ed, for your friendship and generous legacy to Old Paramus Reformed Church.

Pictures Courtesy: Tom Marsden

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