He's Our Guy

On Sunday, June 12, we honored Guy Kostka for his 45 years as Superintendent of Valleau Cemetery. Valleau is owned by Old Paramus Reformed Church and is therefore under its guidance. A Reception for Guy was held in Fellowship Hall following the worship service. In addition to the congregation, those present included Guy's family, members of the Valleau Cemetery Board, and past and present OPRC office personnel. Speaking for the Cemetery Board, Syd Robertson thanked Guy for his dedicated work through the years which included his regularly assigned tasks of maintaining the church lawn and erecting signs for events such as the church fair and flea market. But in addition he mentioned the unsung work he did in comforting families at the time of their loss of loved ones. Guy also has many talents and they include maintaining the mechanical equipment used in the cemetery.

Our best wishes go to Guy Kostka as he begins his well earned retirement.

Guy Kostka with the cake

Guy Kostka and Syd Robertson

Guy Kostka and Family

The Cemetery Board
(l-r) Arlene, Guy, Syd, Henry and Bill

Office Staff Past and Present
(l-r) Kathy, Rob, Guy, Linda, Virginia, and Carolyn
Picture Courtesy: Cheryl Veli

Graduation Sunday

Sunday, June 5, was Graduation Sunday at Old Paramus. That is the day when we honor our high school and college graduates. This year we honored John Walker and Peter Nasto. John was not in attendance. Peter and his parents were called to the front of the sanctuary during the worship service. Ruth Mayer representing the Women's Guild and Rev. Miller participated in the recognition. Following the worship service, a reception was held in Fellowship Hall.

(l-r) Mike, Susan, and Peter Nasto, Ruth Mayer and Rev. Rob Miller

Peter Nasto with his parents and Rev. Miller

The Cake

Memorial Day Tribute

On Sunday, May 29, a tribute to Memorial Day was held in the front of the sanctuary following the worship service. The congregation gathered facing the flag pole. We saluted the Flag and then Rev. Miller read a prayer that was given by George Washington in tribute to those who served in the armed forces. This was particularly appropriate because it was on the grounds of our church campus that General Washington stayed with his troops during the Revolutionary War.

Stewart Holmes closed the ceremony by leading the group in singing "God Bless America".

The U.S Flag waves proudly on a beautiful day with a perfectly clear blue sky

The Congregation with Rev. Miller

Our Annual Egg Hunt

Scenes of our

2022 Annual Egg Hunt

The weather was cloudy
and cool
but it wasn't raining.

Pictures courtesy: Kathy Fear


The front of Old Paramus Reformed Church is known for its name being spelled out in hedges along Route 17. Well, time took its toll with the hedges and they had deteriorated. The deer probably also enjoyed feasting on them.

We have now replaced them with new hedges that have been put in place so that the tradition continues.


Is once again displayed prominently along the highway for all to see as they pass by.

The Big Five O

On Sunday, June 13, we celebrated Pastor Rob Miller's 50th birthday which is coming up in a couple of weeks. Jan Chiodi surprised him at the conclusion of the worship service with a 50th balloon. The Congregation sang Happy Birthday to him.

A luncheon was served at the Coffee Hour in Fellowship Hall. Finger sandwiches, salads, and desserts were served. And of course there was a large Birthday Cake.

Jan Chiodi surprising Rob

Seth, Danielle and Rob with the cake

Jan Chiodi reading a poem to honor Rob

Ruth Mayer representing Women's Guild

The Lutz Family Memorial Garden

Ed Lutz loved Old Paramus. And Ed loved his garden, complete with hot houses for certain plants. He was an avid gardener and wanted his flowering plants to live on after he passed on. He planned for this and made sure it was a part of his will. Little by little, many plants have been lovingly transplanted to a location in front of our sanctuary. The result is The Lutz Family Memorial Garden where people will enjoy his meticulous gardening expertise for many years to come. Just look at the pictures below to catch a glimpse of the most fitting tribute to the Lutz Family. Better yet, come visit our church and see the garden in person. Join us for worship each Sunday at 10 AM.

Thank you, Ed, for your friendship and generous legacy to Old Paramus Reformed Church.

Pictures Courtesy: Tom Marsden

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