The June Guild Meeting

The Guild was treated to a presentation by Peggy Norris, chair of the Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet show. Peggy brought examples of the construction of quilts with different stitches, fabrics, and patterns. Her presentation showed many different types and styles of quilts, most from this area. The quilts she displayed were stunning.

Picture Credit: Kathy Fear

The Quilters at Work

Even with the restrictions of the pandemic, throughout most of the past year the quilters have continued to meet and put together prayer quilts. Anyone who can sew is invited to join them on Tuesday mornings. Shown below are Penny, Betty and Theo with one of their creations.

Penny, Betty and Thea showing their handiwork

Picture Credit: Anne Banta

Journey to the Bottom of the Earth

Those who attended the September meeting of the Women's Guild got to enjoy a wonderful slide show presented by Jim and Sally Brandes. They narrated a slide show about their trip to Antarctica. Sally and Jim visited the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula. This included exploring Shackleton's route in these remote wildernesses. The adventure highlighted various penquin rookeries, seals, birds and more. The scenery was simply spectacular as can be seen in the selection of pictures shown below. We are sure pictures can only give a glimpse into the majesty that can only be expeienced by actually being there.

This year's Guild theme is "This is My Father's World". This program epitomized the words in that song, which Sally used in her devotions that introduced the show. The pictures truly show God's magnificent creation.

Jim and Sally Brandes

Jim talking with guest after the program

Picture Credit: Jim Brandes

Meet the Pettets

The Women's Guild Meeting for March featured an outstanding musical program by The Pettets - Ashley & Kristen. They presented a program of song and dance featuring a selection of songs from the 1940s, '50s and '60s. It was a time line of well known hits of the eras. It started out with the theme of a radio station playing songs of the era. Selections included well known songs by female singing groups including the Andrew Sisters, the Chordettes and the McGuire Sisters. Patsy Cline's hit, "Crazy" was sung as though the Pettets were part of the Grand Old Opry on WSM in Nashville. Ashley's son, Todd, portrayed the announcer complete with mention of the sponsors such as Pepsodent toothpaste. At one point, Ashley and Kristen stepped down from the stage and tap danced at the audience level. Throughout the program their mother, Denise, handled the audio playing the music accompaniment.

The following excerpt is from the Pettet's website, www.thepettets.com.

Ashley and Kristen Pettet have distinguished careers that brought them to Broadway, movies, and television. They have performed at the White House, can be heard singing on movies such as Stepmom, and were featured on an ABC special entitled "Sisters in Showbusiness." The Pettets have gained national acclaim with their Dream Come True Tour of television, radio, and live performances.

Ashley and Kristen have released solo recordings of some of their favorite music. They have also recorded a duet collaboration which includes highlights of their live performances. In addition, they have a full-length Christmas album.

The Pettets continue to travel and perform for audiences of all ages. Their original show captivates adults and children alike. And that certainly was true during this performance at Old Paramus. They also enjoy using their talents to volunteer for numerous charities and organizations.

For more complete information about The Pettets, be sure to visit their website. This is a direct link to it. www.thepettets.com

Ashley and Kristen

Ashley and Kristen

Feathers Were Flying

Honoring the Military

Tapping Away

Acrobatics at Work


Kristen, Todd and Ashley

Denise at the console

Visiting With the Audience

Men's Breakfast

The OPRC Men's Breakfast Group meets on the third Saturday of each month at Matthews Diner in Waldwick. Attendance varies each month but no matter who attends it is always a good time. Conversation varies but we never bring up religion, politics or sports. It is just a time for good conversation, a lot of good hearted laughs and a pleasant time of camaraderie among the men of the church. All men are invited to join the group. Official time is 7:30 AM but most get there by 7:00. So come and share some good conversation and good food.


      ANNUAL HARVEST FAIR - 1st Saturday in November

      ANNUAL FLEA MARKET - 1st Saturday in May

      MEN'S BREAKFAST - 7:30 AM on 3rd Saturday each month at Matthews Diner in Waldwick

      WOMEN'S GUILD - 1st Wednesday each month except January , July and August


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