James Jones Speaker at Guild Meeting

At the February Guild Meeting, James Jones, Stone Mason and Historian, gave a very interesting presentation on architecture and the way it speaks to someone if you know what you are looking for. The average person just looks at a building and thinks about how nice it looks. The historian hears the building speak about its history and cultural significance. Mr. Jones is an expert in his field.

James Jones with two paintings which he made
showing buildings that he has restored.

Women's Guild installation

The installation of the Women's Guild Officers took place at the February Guild Meeting. Shown in the picture (l-r) Kathy Fear, Claudia Raffa, Anne Banta, Ruth Mayer, Rev. Rob Miller and Carol Beckmann, Guild President.

Time to Improvise

It was time to improvise.

The Guests who were scheduled to perform at the December Women's Guild Meeting were ill and couldn't attend. But the group still had a great time of food and fellowship. After the lunch, a group gathered around the piano and sang Christmas Carols. The audience joined in.

Who says we can't have fun in spite of the circumstances?

Learn to Read - Read to Learn

The September Meeting of the Women's Guild featured a slide presentation by Douglas H. Palmer, Chairman of the Board of The Trenton Literacy Movement, Inc. He spoke about the purpose of the program and its success in the city of Trenton.

He used the interesting phrase to descibe the importance of being literate, Learn to Read and Read to Learn. He said that in the first through third grades children learn to read. After the third grade they read to learn. In other words, once they are able to read they are able to apply that skill to learn science, geography, etc. through reading.

A large number of third students in the Trenton School System are unable to read at grade level. It is the goal of the Trenton Literacy Movement to get those students up to grade level. They do this with the help of many volunteers. They are not part of the Trenton School System.


Douglas Palmer

The Audience

European River Tour

Jean and Stewart

The June Meeting of the Women's Guild featured a slide presentation by Stewart Holmes, Organist and Music Director. His presentation was about the European River tour that he and his wife, Jean, recently took. It showed cathedrals and other historic buildings with an emphasis on The Netherlands.

A Night Scene

Stewart during his presentation

The Audience

The Pettets

The Women's Guild Meeting for May featured an outstanding musical program by The Pettets - Ashley & Denise. They presented a program featuring a selection of songs from the 1940s, '50s and '60s. It was a time line of well known hits of the eras. It included a selection made famous by Dolly Parton. Ashley's son, Todd, also sang two selections. At one point, Ashley stepped down from the stage and danced during Todd's performance.

Ashley, Denise and Todd

Ashley and Denise on Stage

View from the audience

The following excerpt is from the Pettet's website, www.thepettets.com.

Ashley and Kristen Pettet have distinguished careers that brought them to Broadway, movies, and television. They have performed at the White House, can be heard singing on movies such as Stepmom, and were featured on an ABC special entitled "Sisters in Showbusiness." The Pettets have gained national acclaim with their Dream Come True Tour of television, radio, and live performances.

Ashley and Kristen have released solo recordings of some of their favorite music. They have also recorded a duet collaboration which includes highlights of their live performances. In addition, they have a full-length Christmas album.

The Pettets continue to travel and perform for audiences of all ages. Their original show captivates adults and children alike. And that certainly was true during this performance at Old Paramus. They also enjoy using their talents to volunteer for numerous charities and organizations.

For more complete information about The Pettets, be sure to visit their website. This is a direct link to it. www.thepettets.com

Journey to the International Space Station

The April, 2022 meeting of the Women's Guild featured Dr. Greg Olsen as its guest speaker. Greg Olsen is a successful businessman who had the means and interest to become a passenger on the rocket to the International Space Station. That is a collaboration between the US and Russia. The astronauts and cosmonauts from both countries were able to cooperate with each other on the engineering level without a bit of the politics between the nations.

Mr. Olsen gave a very detailed and personal discription of his spage journey which was illustrated by a Powerpoint presentation. He answered questions from the audience following his presentation.

The devotions before the lunch were provided by Carol Beckmann, also Guild President. She tailored her devotions to the space presentation to be given by Greg Olsen.

Carol Beckmann

Greg Olsen

A View from the Audience

Reading the Signs

The March, 2022 meeting of the Women's Guild featured James Jones as its guest speaker. Mr. Jones is an architectural consultant and mason. He gave an extremely interesting talk entitled, "Reading the Signs". He said that many people do not really observe what they see with details of its architectural significance. He has made repairs to the 1800 sanctuary of Old Paramus Refomed Chuch. The brownstone masonry has deteriorated because of several factors, but the main causes are the vibrations from the traffic along Rt. 17 and simply time. He is an expert in replacing the crumbling stones with new ones. One analogy he made was that crumbling sandstone is similar to a baked cake which just falls away when disturbed by the slightest touch.

The devotions before the lunch were provided by Susanne Tillman. In the typical fashion of a former 1st grade teacher, she illustrated her talk with flannel cutouts depicting a church building with its foundaton, structure, doors, steeple and of course people.
Both speakers held the audience at rapt attention. Obviosly people could relate to what they were presenting.

Suzanne Tillman

James Jones

The Cookie Walk

Our annual Cookie Walk took place on Sunday, December 19. This is the event when church members bake and bring cookies to be purchased by all those who attend..

The Array of Cookies

The Cashiers Ready for Sales

Satisfied Customers

Pat Yatsko playing Christmas music on the piano
Happens to be her birthday.

The December Women's Guild Meeting

Attendees at the December, 2021 Women's Guild Meeting were treated to a presentation provided by the Blue Chip Chorus of Teaneck, NJ. The group is well known for its acapella singing of familiar songs. Their presentation at the meeting included Christmas Carols, popular Christmas songs, and some show tunes. Dressed in their maroon shirts with identical ties and black pants, the group presented their songs with narration between each song. The Director told some funny stories throughout the performance. After the presentaton, the singers shared a dessert with the attendees. It was a wonderful presentation.

A wide angle view during the presentation

The Blue Chip Chorus.

The October Guild Meeting

The Schoolhouse Museum

Attendees at the October, 2021 Women's Guild Meeting were treated to a tour of the Schoolhouse Museum which is part of the campus of Old Paramus Reformed Church. The museum is a treasure that is probably unknown to many of the passersby who drive along Glen Avenue each day. It is not open to the public on a regular basis but is available for touring upon request.
The tour was guided by Vicky Herbert, Vice President and Curator, and Dacey Latham, Collection Manager. They gave an overview of the history of the Museum, which was a one room schoolhouse in the 1800s. The exhibits change on a regular basis. Many items are stored in the attic and other places and brought out as the exhibits change. Those attending were free to view all the exhibits and ask questions about them.

The gathering of members as they listened to the Devotions
presented by Carol Beckmann, Guild President

Pictures of the Tour

Walking to the Museum

It is believed that
George Washington sat in this chair.

A Bible printed in Dutch

The original wind vane that was at the top of the steeple of Old Paramus Reformed Church.
It had been hit by lightning and was replaced by the exact replica that is now on the steeple.

The September Guild Meeting

The Guild was treated to a presentation by our own Syd Robertson. Syd gave an informative and entertaining presentation on the trip that he and Sue took to French Polynesia.
The pictures of fish, sunsets, and mountains were beautiful..

A view of the audience as Syd is giving his presentation

Syd at the podium with his Power Point presentation

Picture Credit: Kathy Fear

The June Guild Meeting

The Guild was treated to a presentation by Peggy Norris, chair of the Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet show. Peggy brought examples of the construction of quilts with different stitches, fabrics, and patterns. Her presentation showed many different types and styles of quilts, most from this area. The quilts she displayed were stunning.

Picture Credit: Kathy Fear

The Quilters at Work

Even with the restrictions of the pandemic, throughout most of the past year the quilters have continued to meet and put together prayer quilts. Anyone who can sew is invited to join them on Tuesday mornings. Shown below are Penny, Betty and Theo with one of their creations.

Penny, Betty and Thea showing their handiwork

Picture Credit: Anne Banta

Men's Breakfast

The OPRC Men's Breakfast Group meets on the third Saturday of each month at Matthews Diner in Waldwick. Attendance varies each month but no matter who attends it is always a good time. Conversation varies but we never bring up religion, politics or sports. It is just a time for good conversation, a lot of good hearted laughs and a pleasant time of camaraderie among the men of the church. All men are invited to join the group. Official time is 7:30 AM but most get there by 7:00. So come and share some good conversation and good food.


      ANNUAL HARVEST FAIR - 1st Saturday in November

      ANNUAL FLEA MARKET - 1st Saturday in May

      MEN'S BREAKFAST - 7:30 AM on 3rd Saturday each month at Matthews Diner in Waldwick

      WOMEN'S GUILD - 1st Wednesday each month except January , July and August


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